Life Machine is a type of machine that gives life forever, the idea came up to nerd! star alan villarruel to invent a life machine, the machine goes from 13 to 60 years old, villarruel has plans to make the machine in the near future, but he wont consturct it the us goverment will have a possbily to consturct the machines and the life machine will only go to alan villarruel and villarruels famliy and famous people like singers, actors, and potilcans and their families, villarruel does not everybody in the world to get the life machine because the world might get too crowed, the machine will be invented in 2012 or 2013 but if the techonlgy is not invented yet it will be invented in 2020, villarruel wants all the famous people and their familes and alan villarruel and his family, villarruel has the plans to grow from 13 to 25, many people been telling villarruel that the machine is just fake and that villarruel needs to grow up, but who knows right, if the world ends in 6 billion years from now villarruel has the plans to send him and his family and the famous people and their families to outer space to live there for a while, while the earth gets rebuilded, villarruel says if the world ends in 2012 or later villarruel says that the earth will be rebulided in 50 to 1,000,000 years from the end of the world, villarruel also has the plans to call the white house and tell them to bulid the machine, and no techonlogy yet the machine will be bulit in 2020.

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