Interstate 60
Route information
Length: 2,899.54 mi[[|[1]]] (4,666.36 km)
Existed: 2012 – present
Major junctions
west end: I-3 / US 101 in Eureka

I-5 in Redding

I-9 in Chico

I-80 in Sacarmento

I-15 in Salt Lake City

I-25 in Cheyenne

I-29 in Ohama

I-35 in Des Moines

I-74 in Davenport

I-90 in Chicago

I-71 in Cleveland

I-95 in Yersey City

North end:

I-478 in New York City
Highway system

Main route of the Interstate Highway System MainAuxiliaryBusiness

Interstate 60 is the second main east-west interstate highway, it begins in I-3 and US 101 and goes to I-278 in New York City, the freeway is mostly co-signed with I-80, its also the main freeway in the west valley

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