An Emmy nominated and award winning journalist Betsy is excited to be back in Northern California. Born and raised in Chico, Betsy's passion for journalism began as a young child sitting on her father's lap watching the nightly news. Her other love was music and after high school she went to Arizona State University to study vocal performance but something always drew her back to journalism so she moved to Southern California to attend Cal State Northridge where she received her degree in broadcast journalism. After graduation she was hired by the CBS station in Idaho Falls, Idaho as a a news reporter/anchor/weather forecaster. From there she moved to Salt Lake City's ABC affiliate as a producer and then got back into reporting at the CBS/FOX station in Bakersfield. Betsy believes in covering the news that directly affects and interests the community and encourages viewers to send news tips, Betsy's husband Shane is a teacher and coach. They have a three-year-old boxer named Layla and two kitties who they love dearly.

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