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Early LifeEditEdit


Alan Villarruel
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Feburary 16, 1999 (age 13) Eureka United States

Citizenship American, Verdish
Occupation Actor, student,
Years active 2010–present
Known or
Notable works Nerd!
Relatives Rocky (pet dog)
Internet information
Web alias(es) Nerd, Al, Danni
Web hosting service(s) YouTube
Signature phrase "Hey! It's Nerd!"

Alan Villarruel Was Born In Early 1999 To Antonio Villarruel A Millworker And Martha Solis A Housewife Villarruel Cryied All The Time In Church, Parties, And Home While At A Public Place Villarruel And His Parents Had To Take Him Home All The Time, When Vilarruel's Sister Was Born He Started To Act Like Her And Wanted To be The Baby Again When, In Late 2004 He Entered Kindergarten He Got Kicked Due To Hyper Things, In 2005 His Brother Was Born And Did Lots Of Naughty Things.

Child LifeEditEdit

Villarruel Has Got A Lot Of Trouble He Told The Teacher Bad Things, Villarruel Starred To Be Dangerous In 5th Grade And Had Lots Of Bad Things.


Villarruel Saw Fred The Movie And Then Fred So He Got A Idea Starting A Webshow Called Nerd! Which Starts Him As A Nerdy Hairy Boy And His Paper Doll As Nevel A Troublemaker Villarruel Made Lots Of Voices Of Different Nerd! Charathers He Is Currently Doing Season 2.

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